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What do Muslims think of Modi's win?

The dream win for Narendra Modi, according to CNN, will bring a marked change in direction for the world's most populous democracy, a nation whose modern character has been defined by the inclusive, secular and liberal approach of the Congress Party, which has governed for most of the post-independence era.

Muslims to wait and watch for the promised good times
Various sentiments, feelings of insecurity to inclusive nature of Indian democracy is being discussed all over the world - among people, media and particularly muslims! Modi is still being considered as a deeply polarising figure and an unproven commodity on the international stage. However, it is more important to understand what do muslims in India think of Narendra Modi's win. If I take into account or go by what Urdu Press and Media is writing about this win of Modi, then in one sentence I would say that all editorial writers are asking Muslims to wait and watch for the promised good times.

A progressive web magazine says,"Pseudo-secular politicians had been scaring Muslims for long of a saffronised India under Mr. Narendra Modi. Even figures like 22, 000 Muslims will be killed in that scenario were bandied about." But do muslims in India have become politically clever enough to read and understand what the leaders say and actually mean (or act)! According to, a quick survey of Delhi's Urdu Press, the only barometer of Muslim opinion in the country available, reveals  that barring Shahi Imam's statement published in Mr. Aziz Burney's Azizul Hind daily, and the newspaper itself and a few columnists, no Urdu newspaper is engaged in scare-mongering. No dire predictions are being made. All have accepted the verdict of the people and say in a democracy the people's verdict should be always accepted and welcomed as it reflects the collective wisdom of the people. All editorial writers are asking Muslims to wait and watch for the promised good times.   

Roznama Rashtriya Sahara says, "We Respect People's Verdict. It says: "Since popular verdicts are a result of the collective wisdom of the people, they should be welcomed. This is the demand of the democratic principles as well. ... It will be premature to say how the new BJP government will behave, what attitudes it will display, what decisions it will take. .... In any case the government will be given time to reveal its policies and its attitudes. People are looking towards it with fear and expectations."

The editorial in Hamara Samaj bemoans the loss of secular parties and questions who is responsible for the defeat of secular politics in India. It holds secular parties themselves responsible for their loss and says there must be something wrong with them to have suffered such a comprehensive defeat at the hands of parties that are considered fascist.

In his victory speech, Modi said that he would carry every one with him

There are publications that have even taken positive note of PM-designate Modi's remarks in his victory speech that he would carry every one with him. Also, BJP President Rajnath Singh's repeated advice to party workers that no remarks should be made against any community (read Muslims) in victory celebrations has also been displayed prominently.

The foreign media, on the other hand, has reacted from calling Modi a deeply polarizing figure to calling his victory a rejection of Congress policies. The New Republic - an online magazine in the US, has described Modi as a leader known for his economic agenda and his controversial brand of Hinduism. While they positively regard his development policies, they do not seem to be very confident about the social development indicators that he presides on.

The Economic Times has published an article which says, "If comments of some influential clerics are to be believed, the BJP and Narendra Modi have managed to win their votes too". "Muslims have voted for the BJP in many parts of UP after Modi reached out to the community and assured them not to be fearful of a BJP regime. We don't fear him anymore and we are waiting for him to fulfill his promises," says Maulana Kalbe Jawad, the head priest of Lucknow's Shahi Asafi mosque, the country's largest Shia mosque. Maulana Jawad had campaigned against Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, which has more than three lakh muslim votes.

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