Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Vastu for Love

By Charanpreet Pathak - Social Activist & Vastu Consultant

Being in love and staying in love forever is a totally different thing. As time goes by the love and attraction in couples diminishes, we can retain it with the help of vastu remedies.

Vastu for Love
The southwest or nairutya corner of our home is also known as the love corner, so if we enhance this corner our love relationships or relationship between couples will be full of love and romance. The Shukra Grah or Venus plays a very important role in love relations; hence try to use pink color in your bedroom. The master bedroom or couple Bedroom should always be in the southwest corner of your home. Try to sleep with your head facing south and place two lovebirds near your bed as it will also enhance your relationship.

The rosequartz or the pink colored stone is also known as the love stone, if you are facing difficulty in your relationship then try wearing rose quartz pendants or bracelets. One can also charge them on a poonam (full moon) night under the moonlight and say your wish.

Vastu tips to instill life with loads of love:

Love is the food of life and undoubtedly Vastu can enrich life with strong love relationships. To induce unlimited love, it is important to consider Vastu principles.  Try using the below tips to enhance love in your relationship and enjoy the most beautiful gift of the life:

- Avoid metal bed in your bedroom as disturbs sleep and create tension among partner.
- Keep the color of the room light and soothing to make the ambience appealing.
- Wife should always sleep on the left side of the husband for smooth and loving relationship.
- Avoid North-east direction for bedroom.
- Add more of red color in bedroom such as light, red quilt, drapes for momentary period.
- Avoid keeping electrical gadgets in your bedroom as they distract relationships by creating stress and tension.
- Keep the bedroom clean and clutter-free for the inflow of unending love and positivity.
- Bed mattress should be single on couple’s bed, as Vastu suggests because it enhances marital harmony.
- Keep the room well lit and illuminated for unflinching love and charm as dark and bleak rooms bring negativity.

Charanpreet  Pathak, a former Miss Ahmedabad believes in the "energy of giving". She is the founder of "I AM NOT ENOUGH THE SERIES" & co-founder of "SAVE MOTHER'S INDIA" and has been working for women empowerment and awareness since years now. She has received many prestigious awards for her contribution in Vastu Consulting & Women Empowerment.

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