Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jindal Bed Weighing Machine Facilitates Precise Weighing of Bed Ridden Patients

Hospital bed scales are actually weighing machines that facilitates easy, gentle and precise weighing of bed ridden patients. The utility of the bed scales are that they help you take weight of the patients without bothering them to shift from bed to the traditional weight machine.

A Delhi, India based company S.M. Scientific Instruments Pvt.Ltd. www.smscientific.com manufactures the bed weighing machines that are indispensible aid in dialysis and intensive care units because of their unique features. Many times every single gram counts especially in the Intensive Care Unit when treating patient with burns, in the dialysis unit and in old peoples and nursing homes. 

Jindal bed weighing machine offers easy to use user friendly display section which consists of a hygienic membrane keypad and an acoustic bright LCD for the display of weight is used with big characters so that one can easily view the actual weight correctly. In built RS-232 port for data collection helps in efficient storage of data. With the integrated lifts, four measuring platforms can be placed easily and effortlessly under the castors of the bed. The previously determined weight of the bed is deducted using the pre TARE function and the patient’s precise weight is determined. In the event of power failure an in built battery provides backup for power and thus providing an uninterrupted measurement.

Because of the machine's high capacity of weighing up to 500 Kg, weighing of extremely overweight patients becomes very easy. The fine graduation of the load cells helps in even measuring the smallest fluctuations in weight example the fluid balance of patients with a malfunction of kidneys or with burns can be reliably monitored. ... more details

Monday, May 21, 2012

Biomedical Solutions India Launches its Brand New Website

Medical Furniture - Biomedical Solution, India is manufacturer and suppliers of Medical Furniture, Hospital Furniture and Hospital Medical Furniture

Biomedical Solutions India has launched its brand new website showcasing its complete range of hospital and medical furniture. Biomedical Solutions, today, is one of the top brands in hospital furniture and other medical equipment. www.biomedicalsolution.com is easy to navigate and has a pleasing design. Visitors to the site will find adequate product details along with the haigh quality picture of the product.

Under the leadership of Mayank Jindal, Biomedical Solutions was established in 2006 with a vision to provide highest quality products in the field of health care. Today, the company enjoys the reputation of a Forward Thinking and Progressive Organization that offers a complete range of products and after sales assistance to its customers in the respective fields around the globe. "We maintain a strong and active presence in the market by innovating advancement and improvement in scientific and healthcare standards", states Mayank Jindal.

The product range that the company offers to the world includes Delivery Beds & Tables, Holloware Products, Hospital Beds, Medical Wheelchair, Neonatal Equipments, Nursing Station Equipments, OPD Furniture, Operation Theater Equipments, Patient Handling Equipment and  Ward Furniture.

Corporate Office :
A-24 Anand Vihar
Delhi - 110 092, INDIA
Tel.: +91 - 9818 1858 55
Website: www.biomedicalsolution.com
Email: sales@biomedicalsolution.com