Thursday, November 1, 2012

STEMPENYU - A play by Edna Mazya, based on the novel by Shalom Aleichem

THE 6TH DELHI INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL, THE EMBASSY OF ISRAEL IN INDIA & THE CAMERI THEATRE will present STEMPENYU - a play by Edna Mazya, based on the novel by Shalom Aleichem. The play is directed by Edna Mazya and Yehezkel Lazarov on Sunday, 4th November, 2012 (7:00 pm) at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi.

Stempenyu is a gifted musician. He leads a band of klezmers that performs at weddings. People come from all over Poland and Russia to hear him and his band. Apart from being an admired musician, Stempenyu is also a renowned heartbreaker, and many women are caught in his net. One day, Stempenyu falls in love with the beautiful, but alas married, Rochele. Matters become complicated when Rochele falls in love with him too.Shalom Aleichem, one of the greatest Jewish writers and the storyteller behind Fiddler on the Roof, in a heartrending story of missed opportunity, a touching and humorous human story that is all theatre and dance, with its abundance of colorful characters, some of whom cannot find their own place and so fulfill themselves through others. In the struggle between spiritual and material, music and Torah study, ancient and modern, what would we choose?

The Cameri, Tel Aviv's Municipal Theatre that was founded in 1944, is one of the leading theatres in Israel. Each year The Cameri stages up to ten new productions, together with twenty productions from previous years, that are performed before audiences totaling 900,000 people in Tel Aviv, throughout Israel and all over the world - some 1,700 performances every year. The Cameri has 34,000 subscribers. So far, The Cameri has produced some 500 productions on its various stages. The theatre's company includes eighty of Israel's finest actors, and its plays are directed by celebrated directors from Israel and abroad.

The entry to the event is FREE and seating is on first come first serve basis!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Make your own trip to India

India is so vast and full of variety that even the Indians don’t get to see the whole of it, let alone the foreign tourists. If you have just a week or 10 days to explore India, then what will you do? Perhaps, plan your own trip itinerary.

Planning to visit India? And you are undecided and confused about your trip itinerary, then just narrow down your destinations and leave it to our travel experts. They will create a trip accordingly and then contact to reputed travel agencies and you will get offers from multiple travel experts.

Let us cite a case of Mileta, a 29 years old lady from Berlin. She had 7 days to explore India. She opted for Agra, Delhi, Udaipur (Rajasthan) and Munnar in Kerala. Our travel experts meticulously planned a trip for her and she was delighted and satisfied tourist after 7 days of her stay in India!

Make your own trip to India, now! Fill the following form and get ready for a trip of your life time!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Delhi International Arts Festival 2012 begins from 27 October 2012

The sixth edition of Delhi International Arts Festival (27 October - 10 November 2012) 2012 brings 30 countries together with innovating and soul-filling performances.

The 6th Edition of Delhi International Arts Festival, India’s Signature Festival is back this year from Oct 27- Nov 10th.  Organized by Prasiddha Foundation and ICCR , the 6th Edition of DIAF would witness performances from 30 countries including Pakistan, Hungry, Bangladesh, Czech / Poland, Turkey / Iran, Greece and  different parts of India to name a few; showcasing varied forms of  art and culture to enthrall people.

Over the years DIAF has evolved as an Institution of divine art and culture. Nearly a million people were touched by the Delhi International Arts Festival in its very first year. DIAF in a way is a cogent tool for cultural diplomacy and cultural tourism.

Conceived by Ms. Prathibha Prahlad, an exponent of Bharatnatyam dance DIAF’s significance lies in its vast canvas with gems from over 30 Countries organized at a very magnificent level.  Stretched over 15 days all over Delhi and NCR , the 6th edition of DIAF  would witness Dance, Theatre, Music, Drama, Magic show, Puppet show and Exhibitions. Performances would be a blend of traditional to contemporary, Classical, fusion, world to contemporary music and dance– both Indian and Western; contemporary theatre, cinema festivals on artistes, literature and Delhi, visual arts, comedy, puppet; DIAF has everything in one platform. As the largest Multi Arts Multi Venue Festival, organised annually, it aims at establishing India as a global destination for the arts and at driving cultural tourism into India. After successfully organising five editions of this festival, the 6th Edition with all its fervor is back to buzz the city with its exemplary display of powerful performances by international & Indian artists.

Performance Highlights

Scintillating performance by Sufi singers from India, Pakistan, Iran & Turkey; Dazzling Jazz groups from Norway & India; Flaggers - Storici Sbandieratori Delle Contrade Di Cori from Italy; Procession by Grammy award winning ‘Buddhist Mahakala Sacred Chants’ from Palpung Sherbling Monastery; Maya Dance Theatre in traditional dance form from Singapore. India’s greatest Festival ushers in winter to rejoice, appreciate and applaud thousands of performers who will enrich our lives.

Scottish Dance Theatre from UK; the National Dance Company from Scotland; Israel’s famous Cameri Theatre; India’s Rattan Thiyam’s Chorus Repertory Theatre; Indonesia’s Stkip Pasundan; ‘Mr. Pejo’s Wandering Dolls from St. Petersburg, Russia; The King Dies from Estonia; The Family Bandwagon from Slovak; Singapore’s Maya Dance; The Wife of a Cobbler from Bangladesh; Lying But Honestly from India and many more to count. Luis Montoto’s Karromato - The Wooden Circus by Czech Republic bringing Puppets to DIAF 2012 to worth watching.

Experience the Stampede of Flamenco dance by Eva Yerebeuna and a theatre performance The Killing of Dussana, an adaptation of Mahabharata through a contemporary fusion of Flamenco & Kathakali from Spain. Prasiddha Dance Repertory from Bangalore; Shankara Nanda Kalashetra & Ananda Shankar Jayant and group (NAVARASA) from Hyderabad; Ileana Citaristi and group from Odisha; Kanaka Sudhakar & group from Delhi; Sunanda Banerjee & group from Delhi.

Arnab Bhattacharyan on SAROD from Kolkata; Sahana Banerjee on SITAR from Pune; Lokesh Anand on SHENNAI from Lucknow; Anupriya Deotale on VIOLIN from Delhi; Danish Ali on VIOLIN from Delhi; Deepak Shah on Classical Piano from Mumbai; Prasanna Brothers on FLUTE from Delhi.

Showcasing “Talking to God in the Mother Tongue” with India’s famous classical arts. Dance performances by Kiran Segal/Odissi, Lakshmi Vishwananthan/Bharatanatyam, Vanashree Rao/ Kuchipudi, Prathibha Prahlad/Bharatanatyam, Rani Khanam/Kathak, Dr. Sandhya Pureccha/ Bharatanatyam, Saswati Sen/Kathak & Revathi Ramachandran/Bharatanatyam.

Music performances by Shameem Azad/Sufi Music, Parvathy Baul/Sufi, Bombay Jayashri/ C.Vocal, M. S. Sheela/C. Vocal, Meeta Pandit/H. Vocal & Arati Ankalikar/ H. Vocal.

Suryaveer Hooja from  EHSAAS; Tony Fernandes from JJHOOM; Tritha from TRITHA ELECTRIC; Rishi Dutta from RISHI INC; Anupriya Deotale & group from the band PARINDAY; TRIZIA featuring Darshan Singh and ARBA MUSIC by Immanuddin Khan from Jasalmer. Hafeez Ahmed Alvi & group, TAALVADYA and  Niranjan Rao & group, TALA SCIENCE from Delhi.

Sufi, Qawwali, Ghazals and more: Indira Naik, a Classical Sufi from Mumbai; Ateeq Hussain Bandanwazi representing Bandanwazi Qawwals from Hyderabad
India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey.

Australia - The Pilbara Project and Maamungun: Compatriots showcasing the works of Nicole Foreshew, Jonathan Jones & Michael Riley.

V4 countries tying up together: Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic & Slovak bring a variety of performances and visual arts exhibitions and cuisine to DIAF, 2012.
Maladype, Toe Te, Felix from Hungary, Jazz groups from Czech & Poland and theatre groups from Slovak & Estonia for the first time in India.

Photo Exhibition: By Russian Artist

Installation Art: On The Verge of…by Parvez Mirza from Germany.

About Prathibha Prahlad:
Prathibha Prahlad, who has conceived and directed the Festival, is not only an outstanding exponent of Bharatanatyam, but a cultural visionary extraordinaire. Her contribution to the field of arts is profound and unparalleled in contemporary dance history. She heads the Prasiddha Foundation which has established itself as one of the premier cultural organizations of the country. DIAF, as this annual Festival is popularly known brings global perspective in terms of aesthetics and artistic experience into the city, simultaneously offering local and international artists the opportunity to interact and perform in a global context.

(Press Release)

Happy Birthday Amitabh Bachchan!

Amitabh Bachchan, the evergreen superstar of Hindi cinema turns 70 today! We wish Amitabh Bachchan a very Happy Birthday! A grand 70th birthday party was held at Film City, Goregaon, a western suburb of Mumbai, on October 10. The party saw most of the film industry on the red carpet, looking their very best. 

Amitabh Bachchan first gained popularity in the early 1970s as the "angry young man" of Hindi cinema, and has since appeared in over 180 Indian films in a career spanning more than 4 decades.

Amitabh Bachchan, Date of birth - October 11, 1942

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jindal Bed Weighing Machine Facilitates Precise Weighing of Bed Ridden Patients

Hospital bed scales are actually weighing machines that facilitates easy, gentle and precise weighing of bed ridden patients. The utility of the bed scales are that they help you take weight of the patients without bothering them to shift from bed to the traditional weight machine.

A Delhi, India based company S.M. Scientific Instruments Pvt.Ltd. manufactures the bed weighing machines that are indispensible aid in dialysis and intensive care units because of their unique features. Many times every single gram counts especially in the Intensive Care Unit when treating patient with burns, in the dialysis unit and in old peoples and nursing homes. 

Jindal bed weighing machine offers easy to use user friendly display section which consists of a hygienic membrane keypad and an acoustic bright LCD for the display of weight is used with big characters so that one can easily view the actual weight correctly. In built RS-232 port for data collection helps in efficient storage of data. With the integrated lifts, four measuring platforms can be placed easily and effortlessly under the castors of the bed. The previously determined weight of the bed is deducted using the pre TARE function and the patient’s precise weight is determined. In the event of power failure an in built battery provides backup for power and thus providing an uninterrupted measurement.

Because of the machine's high capacity of weighing up to 500 Kg, weighing of extremely overweight patients becomes very easy. The fine graduation of the load cells helps in even measuring the smallest fluctuations in weight example the fluid balance of patients with a malfunction of kidneys or with burns can be reliably monitored. ... more details

Monday, May 21, 2012

Biomedical Solutions India Launches its Brand New Website

Medical Furniture - Biomedical Solution, India is manufacturer and suppliers of Medical Furniture, Hospital Furniture and Hospital Medical Furniture

Biomedical Solutions India has launched its brand new website showcasing its complete range of hospital and medical furniture. Biomedical Solutions, today, is one of the top brands in hospital furniture and other medical equipment. is easy to navigate and has a pleasing design. Visitors to the site will find adequate product details along with the haigh quality picture of the product.

Under the leadership of Mayank Jindal, Biomedical Solutions was established in 2006 with a vision to provide highest quality products in the field of health care. Today, the company enjoys the reputation of a Forward Thinking and Progressive Organization that offers a complete range of products and after sales assistance to its customers in the respective fields around the globe. "We maintain a strong and active presence in the market by innovating advancement and improvement in scientific and healthcare standards", states Mayank Jindal.

The product range that the company offers to the world includes Delivery Beds & Tables, Holloware Products, Hospital Beds, Medical Wheelchair, Neonatal Equipments, Nursing Station Equipments, OPD Furniture, Operation Theater Equipments, Patient Handling Equipment and  Ward Furniture.

Corporate Office :
A-24 Anand Vihar
Delhi - 110 092, INDIA
Tel.: +91 - 9818 1858 55

Friday, March 23, 2012

Beware of Rampant Counterfeiting of Narang Medical Ltd’s Products

Press Release

"If imitation is the highest form of flattery, Narang Medical Limited is positively blushing right now" - Parveen Narang, Director, Narang Medical Limited

While we "honor" the "creativity" (though misplaced and misused) of some companies/persons in the market trying to imitate us, we see them as players forced to copy because they have nothing original to offer.

At Narang Medical Limited, we strive for the best in product quality and customer service, and it is with this practice in mind that we are making this official statement regarding the unauthorized & illegal use of Narang & NET brand name. We wish to inform our buyers that there is a sudden onslaught of unethical companies/persons trying to profit from our reputation by using "Narang" in their company name, web address, and contact person name. These fake companies/persons are marketing their copious products under the banner of ‘Narang’.

Our commitment to customer safety is of the highest priority. These duplicates are putting our reputation and your trust in us at stake. These fakes are playing with the lives of people by offering inferior quality cheap imitations of our products with deceptively similar company name/brand/packaging etc. We believe that the key to fighting the “pandemic” of counterfeiting lies in an active collaboration between the buyers, all stakeholders and Narang Medical Limited. It’s only through your support that we can succeed in this endeavour of ours. We seek your strong support to help us consistently adhere to our business philosophy of providing exceptional service, high quality and value.

Be cautious and beware of these duplicates as this is not only harmful for Narang Medical Limited , but also for those who are being lured by low price offers of these malicious companies. Please watch the following carefully before entering into any business transaction:

About the company: Started as a small enterprise in early 1950's, Narang Medical Limited has reached new heights and is now - India's most reputed manufacturer and exporter of NET Brand Hospital Furniture, Orthopedic Implants and Medical Equipment. We conform to ISO and CE standards, and we are a Star Export House company certified by the Government of India.

Contact Narang Medical Limited:

Narang Medical Limited

Narang Medical Limited
Narang Tower,
46 Community Centre, Naraina Ph-I,
New Delhi - 110028, India.
Phone +91-11-45554000 (100 Lines), +91-11-25892020.
Fax +91-11-45554001, +91-11-25892026.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

We want to leave good marks on the earth: Design Atelier

Design Atelier is a full service Architecture, Interiors and Urban design firm whose unequivocal focus is to influence the design of built enviromnents through design leadership, expert knowledge and service excellence. They are specialized in five service areas: Architecture, Campus Master Planning, Interior Design for Hospitality, Workplaces and Retail.

Green Architecture

"We measure our work by the pleasure of the lives lived in the buildings we design. We want to leave good marks on the earth. We work with a thoughtful integrity and a contemporary sensibilities beacause we want our buildings to be loved today and to last," says Aashish V. Karode, Principal, Planning and Design Services.

Hospitality Interiors

Architecture matters when it goes beyond shelter, when it begins to have artistic qualities, when it begins to say something about the world.

Design Atelier Urbis
B-24/II, Lajpat Nagar II,
New Delhi - 110024, India
Tel.: +91 11 4100 9927-28